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1. The Stand-Off

It's always difficult to pick out the very best teammates in a career stretching across seventeen seasons but, when I think about it, the answers soon become clear. Four players stand out in my time at Liverpool and with England.


The first three all helped me become a better player. They all speak Spanish. Each of them unleashes a wave of emotion in me and in every Liverpool supporter.


Fernando Torres. Xabi Alonso. Luis Suárez.


Alonso. Torres. Suárez. Rooney. 

Barcelona showcase Lionel Messi, Neymar and Suárez in an attacking front line. Maybe I can have my own fantasy football team of Alonso and Gerrard in midfield, in the heat of battle, with Suárez, Torres and Rooney up front. 

巴塞罗那炫耀了他们拥有Lionel Messi,Neymar和Suárez的前场攻击线,或许我也能够拥有我的梦幻球队,中场是Alonso和Gerrard,在激烈的战斗中则有Suárez,Torres和Rooney坐镇前场。

2. Changing Seasons

Technique and talent still matter most. I knew, for example, that Xabi Alonso was a good player before he arrived from Real Sociedad in 2004, but when we did a passing exercise in the warm-up of his very first session, just seeing Xabi pass a ball over twenty yards, with his effortless touch and technique, convinced me within two minutes that he was going to be a wonderful player for Liverpool and a dream teammate for me. 

技术和天赋依旧是最重要的。例如,我知道Xabi Alonso在他2004年自皇家社会加盟利物浦前就是一名优秀的球员,但当我们在他的第一堂训练课上做着传球的热身时,只要看看Xabi用他毫不费力的触球和技巧完成二十码传球,这就在两分钟内使我信服,他将是利物浦一名出色的球员,将是我理想的队友。

5. Hard Facts

On Sunday, 28 December 2008, we played Newcastle away. Liverpool had beaten Bolton 3–0 on Boxing Day, with two goals for Robbie Keane and one for Albert Riera. But Chelsea had also won and, to retain or even stretch our one-point lead, it was important to maintain our encouraging run. We believed we were in with a great chance of winning the league as we had a very good team. And tactically, under Rafa, we were very smart. I was in form and enjoying playing alongside the likes of Torres, Kuyt, Alonso, Mascherano, Hyypi., Carra and Reina. 

2008年12月28日,周日,我们客场对阵纽卡斯尔。利物浦在节礼日3-0战胜了博尔顿,Robbie Keane进两个,Albert Riera进了一个。但是切尔西也赢球了,要保持领先的位置,甚至扩大我们一分的优势,保持我们积极的跑动很重要。我们相信我们有很大的几率赢得联赛冠军,因为我们有一支非常棒的队伍。在战术上,在Rafa的执教下,我们踢得很聪明。我状态很好,并且很享受在Torres,Kuyt,Alonso,Mascherano,Hyypi.,Carra和Reina这样的球员身旁踢球。



Sami Hyypi. made it two when he headed home my corner. We were 3–1 up when Lucas and I played a one-two before he released me with a lovely pass. After a long run, I chipped a little dink over Given for my second and Liverpool’s fourth goal. My hands made a scissor-like movement, as if to say we had cut them dead and the game was over. It was not quite true. Rafa replaced me – the papers said it was so I could be given a standing ovation from the whole ground. I appreciated the gesture from the Newcastle fans but I wondered if it was also a blunt managerial reminder from Rafa to stay hungry. Ryan Babel then won a penalty. It could have been my first Liverpool hat-trick but Alonso scored while I smiled and watched from the bench. 

Sami Hyypi.接我开出的角球头球攻入了第二个进球。我们已经取得了3-1领先。Lucas和我做了一个二过一的传球配合,用精妙的传球使我摆脱了防守。在一段长途奔袭后,攻入了我的第二球和利物浦的第四球。我的双手做了一个剪刀绞杀的动作,仿佛是宣称我们已经绞死了他们,比赛结束了。事实并不是这样。Rafa 换下了我——报纸上说这是为了能让我接受全场的起立鼓掌。我很感激纽卡斯尔球迷的鼓掌,但是我也在思考这是否也是来自Rafa管理策略上的一种直率的保持饥饿感的提醒。随后Ryan Babel赢得了一个点球。这本可能成为我在利物浦的第一个帽子戏法,但是Alonso罚进了,我坐在板凳上微笑着看着。

8. The Slip

How lucky had I been to play alongside Suárez, and Torres, and Alonso, and Rooney? How lucky was I to be going all the way from Ironside Road, in tough old Huyton, to Brazil and that summer’s World Cup? 


9. England: The Hope

Wayne talked to me on the bus as we left the ground, all of us in pieces after losing the penalty shoot-out, and he asked me what I thought of Ronaldo’s wink. I was so angry that I told Wayne if one of my club teammates had done the same to me I would never talk to him again. Even if it had been Xabi Alonso – and I knew it would never have been Xabi’s style – there was no way I would have forgiven him. 

当我们离开场地,我们都已经在错失了点球后筋疲力尽,Rooney在大巴上同我聊了起来,他问我对Ronaldo的眨眼怎么看。我是如此愤怒,我告诉Wayne要是我的俱乐部队友对我做同样的事,我将永远不会再跟他说话。就算是Xabi Alonso也不行——当然我知道Xabi永远不会做这样的事——别想让我有可能原谅他。



The World Cup had exploded into life the previous night when the Netherlands had ripped Spain to shreds in Salvador. It was a 5–1 thrashing studded with memorable goals – and it had been a shock to see the defending world champions, with great footballers like Xavi, Iniesta and Alonso, annihilated.


12. Contracts, Decisions and the Night of the 8-Iron

The return match in Madrid made me nostalgic for March 2009. We had beaten Madrid 5–0 on aggregate in the knockout stages – winning 1–0 away and 4–0 at Anfield. The home demolition was one of my sweetest nights of European football and it prompted Zinedine Zidane to make his generous claim about me: ‘He’s the best in the world. Forget about Messi, forget about Ronaldo. It’s Gerrard.’ 

次回合在马德里的比赛让我怀念起2009年的三月。我们5-0击败了皇马,客场1-0拿下,在安菲尔的则是4-0取胜。在主场击溃皇马是我在欧洲足球生涯中最甜蜜的夜晚之一。这促使Zinedine Zidane表达了对我的溢美之词:“他是世界上最棒的。忘掉Messi,忘掉Ronaldo。Gerrard是最佳。”


I got two goals at Anfield and Fernando Torres and Andrea Dossena scored as well. We had a good team, with Mascherano and Alonso playing behind me and Torres, but Real had a great side that night: Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Fabio Cannavaro, Pepe, Gabriel Heinze, Arjen Robben, Lassana Diarra, Fernando Gago, Wesley Sneijder, Raúl and Gonzalo Higuaín. Rafael van der Vaart, Guti and Marcelo came off the bench. 

我在安菲尔德进了两个球,Fernando Torres和Andrea Dossena也进球了。我们的队伍真的很棒,我身后是Mascherano和Alonso,还有Torres,但是那晚皇马的阵容也很强大:Iker Casillas,Sergio Ramos,Fabio Cannavaro,Pepe,Gabriel Heinze,Arjen Robben,Lassana Diarra,Fernando Gago,Wesley Sneijder,Raúl和Gonzalo Higuaín。 Rafael van der Vaart,Guti和Marcelo替补. 



Even when Deco scored early, to put Barca 1–0 up after just fourteen minutes, our spirit stayed strong. As Bellamy would insist, we were still in the swing. A few minutes before half-time Xabi Alonso’s free kick found Finnan, who, having recovered from being the main witness to the 8-iron attack, whipped in a beauty of a cross. Bellamy drifted away from his slack Barcelona marker and powered in a header towards goal. Victor Valdes tried to scoop it out but the ball had crossed the line. Dirk Kuyt followed up and knocked it in again – but it was a Bellamy goal.

即使是在Deco在开场14分钟后早早进球,使得巴萨1-0领先,我们的斗志依旧昂扬。如Bellamy所坚持的,我们依旧在全速推进着。上半场结束前的几分钟,Xabi Alonso的任意球找到了Finnan,他正从成为8号铁袭击事件的主要见证人中恢复过来,打出了一记漂亮的横传。Bellamy甩开了放松下来的巴塞罗那防守球员用力头球冲顶。Victor Valdes试图将球扑出,但球已经越过了门线。Dirk Kuyt跟上将球再次捅入——但进球记在Bellamy名下。

[背景:2007年欧冠联赛1/8决赛巴塞罗那-利物浦,利物浦客场2-1取胜。相关的还有一件事是里瑟和贝拉米的高尔夫事件,就是文中出现的8-iron attack,8-iron(8号铁)是高尔夫球杆的一种。一个经久不衰的梗。]


Liverpool had signed seventy-five players, over those ten years, at a cost of £520m. I had seen a staggering number of footballers walk into Melwood between 2004 and 2014. I watched every single one of their first training sessions with close attention, wondering whether we’d bought a star or another dud, a king or a prat, a Xabi Alonso or an El Hadji Diouf, a Luis Suárez or a Mario Balotelli. 

在那十年中,利物浦签下了75名球员,总花费520m英镑。在2004至2014期间我看着数量多得惊人的球员走进梅尔伍德。我十分关切地观看他们每一个的第一堂训练课,考虑着我们是又购入了一名球星还是又一名水货,是一位国王还是一个蠢货,是Xabi Alonso还是El Hadji Diouf, 是 Luis Suárez还是Mario Balotelli。

It was clear Alonso was royalty after our first training session together, and Rafa Benítez, who had been so clever to buy him in the first place, was equally stupid to sell him to Real Madrid five years later. The loss of a great player hurt even more than the arrival of five bad new signings. When Rafa arrived at the club as our new manager before the start of the 2004–05 season, his first four buys were all Spanish: Josemi from Málaga, Antonio Núñez from Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso from Real Sociedad and Luis García from Barcelona. It helped sweep in a small Spanish revolution which transformed the club and ended in our becoming champions of Europe at the end of Rafa’s first season. 

很显然,从我们一起的第一堂训练课就能看出来Alonso是一名具有高贵气质的球员,Rafa Benitez首先将他签下是一个极其明智的决定,五年后将他卖给皇马则是同等愚蠢的行为。失去一名伟大的球员比签下五名糟糕的球员伤害更大。2004-05赛季前Rafa作为新任主教练来到利物浦,他签下的头四名球员都是西班牙人:来自马拉加的Josemi,来自皇马的Antonio Núñez,来自皇家社会的Xabi Alonso和来自巴塞罗那的Luis García。这卷起了一场西班牙革命,最终在Rafa执教的第一个赛季转化成了欧洲冠军。

Alonso already had a Liverpool connection even before he arrived at the club. At Sociedad he had been coached by John Toshack, one of the great Liverpool strikers and an astute manager. Toshack paid a lot of attention to Alonso, who became captain at Sociedad at a young age, and so the links were already in place. Alonso was a revelation at Liverpool from 2004 to 2009 and, by some distance, the best central midfielder I ever played alongside. 

Alonso在来到俱乐部前就已经与利物浦有了联系。他在皇家社会曾受训于John Toshack,利物浦最伟大的前锋之一,也是一名充满智慧的教练。Toshack很器重Alonso,Alonso在很年轻的时候就成为了皇家社会的队长。所以这种联系早已存在。2004到2009,Alonso在利物浦的表现令人震惊,至今而言,他是我曾共事过的最棒的中场。

It was a disastrous decision to sell Alonso, and especially for just £30m – which looks a snip now when you reflect on all he has achieved subsequently, both at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and with Spain, winning the Euros and the World Cup. I blame Rafa entirely for the loss of Alonso. 


Rafa phoned to ask if I would help him sign Gareth Barry, my England teammate. He actually wanted Gareth to replace Xabi. Gareth was a very good player but Xabi was world class. It was crazy; but Rafa got it into his head that Alonso was not for him. He wanted Alonso out, and Barry in as his replacement. Alonso went back to Spain, and it saddened me. 

Rafa给我打电话,问我能否帮他签下Gareth Barry,我的英格兰国家队队友。事实上他想用Gareth取代Xabi。Gareth是很棒的球员,但Xabi是世界级的。这真是很疯狂,Rafa打定了主意Alonso不适合他的体系。他想要Alonso走人,然后Barry加盟来顶替他。Alonso回到了西班牙,这让我悲伤 。

Xabi Alonso could still be playing for Liverpool, six or even seven years later, so why should he have left at the age of twenty-seven – when he still had almost three years left on his contract? Mascherano wanted to go, and he refused to play on until he got his move. Torres came to me to ask for help to leave, and he downed tools until he went to Chelsea. Xabi Alonso never once said to me he wanted a move. 

Xabi Alonso本可以继续为利物浦效力,再踢六年甚至七年,那么为什么他竟要在27岁时离开——当他还有几乎三年的合同未履行时?Mascherano想要离开,他拒绝上场直到能成功转会。Torres为了离开来找我寻求帮助,罢工直到他前往切尔西。Xabi Alonso从未曾有一次跟我说过想要转会。

I think more about the special players we lost – Alonso, Torres and Suárez – than the terrible signings with which we got lumbered. 

我更愿意去想想那些我们失去的特别的球员– Alonso,Torres 和Suárez–而不是那些拖累我们的糟糕签约。

13. Wonder Goals and Injury Blues


We had to defend as well. A dipping free kick from the Greeks fizzed in and I had to head it behind for a corner. It was going to be a testing night even though Anfield roared its support with wave after wave of song. We came closest to scoring in the first twenty minutes when Xabi Alonso’s dead-ball delivery was struck so perfectly that I just needed to stick out the back of my boot to send the ball flying towards goal. My arms shot up in a ritual celebration before I saw the yellow and-purple ball smack against the post. We had come so close to getting the early goal we needed. 

我们也需要防守。希腊人门前反弹的任意球激起了动乱,让我不得不将它点向后方,造成了一个角球。这是个十分棘手的夜晚,即便如此,安菲尔德依旧用一浪又一浪的歌声大声宣告着对我们的支持。在头二十分钟我们十分接近进球。Xabi Alonso的精准直传如此完美,以致我只需伸出脚用脚背将球送入球网即可。我抬起双臂习惯性地庆祝,然后我看到了黄紫相间的球击在了门柱上。我们本是如此接近早早得到我们需要的进球。


Both teams had chances but after eighty minutes it was still 1–1. We needed two more goals in the last ten minutes. We forced a free kick a minute later. Xabi Alonso took it and Kewell went down. We appealed for the penalty but it was ignored as the ball bounced to Sinama Pongolle. He crossed and Núñez’s header was palmed away by Nikopolidis – but straight into the path of Neil Mellor. Another of Rafa’s inspired subs, Mellor smashed it home. He had been on the pitch for less than three minutes. 2–1 to Liverpool. 

两队均有机会,但在80分钟后,比分仍是1-1。我们还需在最后十分钟内攻入两球。一分钟后我们得到了一个任意球,Xabi Alonso主罚,Kewell被放倒。我们要求判罚点球,但是被无视了。球弹向了Sinama Pongolle。他一记横传,Núñez的头球攻门被Nikopolidis挡出,但是正好进入到了Neil Mellor的路线上。这是Rafa又一次充满灵感的换人,Mellor铲射入网。他上场还不到三分钟。2-1,利物浦领先。

14. The Chimp, the Stamp and the Letter


I was touched by the response from so many great footballers, both former teammates and old rivals, when we asked them to turn up and play for nothing. My squad was full of my old favourites – Luis Suárez, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, John Terry, Thierry Henry, John Arne Riise, Glen Johnson and my cousin Anthony Gerrard.

当我邀请他们无偿出席比赛,我被来自如此多伟大球员的回应感动了,既有前队友,又有老对手。我的队伍中都是我旧时最爱 – Luis Suárez,Fernando Torres,Xabi Alonso,John Terry,Thierry Henry,John Arne Riise,Glen Johnson还有我的堂弟Anthony Gerrard.


We had to respect all the clubs who employed the players and so some of the day’s stars, like Luis and Fernando, only played the second half. But I had my fantasy football moments. I was back alongside Xabi again, the best centre midfielder I’ve ever played with, and up front we had Luis and Fernando together. They had a ball. 



There had been so many glimmers of movement and class between Suárez and Torres I started dreaming a little. How would it have been to play as a 10 behind those two – with Alonso and Mascherano in midfield, Carra at the back, and José Mourinho in the dugout as Liverpool manager? How many league titles might we have won then? It was the stuff of fantasy. 

Suárez和Torres间有如此多富有闪光点的跑动和出类拔萃的表现,以致于我有些做起梦来。要是我能一直在那样两位球员身后踢10号位——中场是Alonso和Mascherano,后场有Carra,José Mourinho作为主教练站在替补席边会怎样?那样我们可能赢得多少联赛冠军?这不过是幻想罢了。

In the real world, Suárez and Mascherano, of Barcelona, would soon face Alonso and Bayern Munich in a Champions League semi-final. I was gearing up for my own fantasy – of getting over my ban and playing two more games at Wembley in the FA Cup semi and the final. 


15. Dreaming

Once my playing career is over in America I want to explore various aspects of management. I would love to spend some time with a few top managers. How could you not learn a lot if you had a chance to sit down and talk in detail about management to Mourinho, Wenger, Hodgson and Rodgers? I would love to pick their very astute brains. The same goes for Pep Guardiola. I’d love spending a week watching Pep work as a manager. Of course, we once played against each other, and Xabi Alonso has said he could help set it up.

一旦我的球员生涯在美国结束,我想要去探索教练工作的各种方面。我很愿意花一些时间和一些顶级教练在一起。如果你有机会坐下来同Mourinho,Wenger,Hodgson和Rodgers详细地谈谈执教的问题,你怎么可能不受益良多呢?对Pep Guardiola也是一样的。我很愿意花一周时间来观摩Pep如何做一名主教练。当然,我们曾(在球场上)对抗过,并且Xabi Alonso说他可以帮忙安排这些。


It’s still quite fun to fantasize a little. If, totally hypothetically, I was going to become Liverpool manager one day I know who I’d love to have as my assistant: Xabi Alonso or Jamie Carragher. They are very intelligent, have a deep knowledge of football and are special men. The players would respect them, the fans would like them and I think we would work really well together. 

但是稍稍幻想一下还是挺有意思的。如果,完全只是假设,将来某一天我成为了利物浦的主教练,我知道我希望谁能成为我的助教:Xabi Alonso和Jamie Carragher。他们都很聪明,对足球有很深的理解,而且是很特别的人。球员们会尊重他们,球迷们会喜爱他们,而我想我们一同工作会合作得很愉快。

I’ve never mentioned it to either Xabi or Jamie, so I think they’ll be surprised if they read about it. Xabi might go on to be a great manager himself – and so I feel a bit embarrassed admitting that a managerial fantasy would be him working alongside me. 



I believed. I remained focused. Nine minutes into the second half I got the goal that hauled us back to 2–2. I won the ball, tracked back and slipped it to Xabi Alonso, who found Peter Crouch. Climbing high, Crouchy used his 6-foot 7-inch frame and nodded it down towards me, as he had done on so many occasions. The ball bounced once and then again. It sat up, begging, and I lashed it home into the top corner with the kind of effortless power and technique you feel when you’re twenty-five and indestructible. 

我相信。我保持专注。下半场开场9分钟,我进了一个球,把我们拉回了2-2。我得到了球,回撤,塞给Xabi Alonso,他看到了Peter Crouch。Crouchy高高跃起,利用他6英尺7英寸的身材优势头球点给了我,就像他曾很多次做过的那样。球反弹了一次,然后又一次,跳起,我用一记猛抽射入了球门上角,用那种当你二十五岁坚不可摧的时候感到的毫不费力的能量和技术。


16. The Leaving of Liverpool

I knew Rafa would make changes. He always did. At first we were moaning and groaning in the dressing room but Rafa shut us down with icy calm. Steve Finnan was struggling with an injury. He wanted to stay on but Rafa was clear. ‘Finnan off, Didi on. Three at the back. Didi next to Xabi. Very compact. Together, you two sort out Kaká. Gerrard, play forward, as a 10. Pirlo is not so mobile. Seedorf is slow too. You can close them down. Win the ball. You can get past them. Don’t let your heads drop. You are playing for Liverpool. Don’t let down the supporters.’ 


我知道Rafa会作出一些改变。他总是这样。一开始我们在更衣室哀悼抱怨,但Rafa用他冰霜般的冷静让我们停下。Steve Finnan正因受伤而挣扎。他想要留在场上,但Rafa的态度很明确。“Finnan下,Didi上。三后卫,Didi去Xabi边上。紧紧压制。你们两个一起搞定 Kaká。Gerrard,踢前场10号位。Pirlo的跑动能力并不强。Seedorf也太慢了。你们可以阻断他们。拿下球。你们可以超过他们。不要垂下头。你们为利物浦而战。不要让你们的支持者失望。”


I made the run which led to our equalizer, our third goal in five minutes. It was the kind of move I’d made as a midfielder all my life. I was the third man running into the box and it’s always difficult for a midfielder or a defender to pick you up when his attention is diverted by two other attackers. I went for the layoff. It was a little big, but I still think I would have got there. Next thing, I felt a click of my ankles. I went down. Penalty. 


I had total confidence in Xabi Alonso. He had taken most of our penalties that season. He was calm, and a great striker of the ball. 

我对Xabi Alonso完全有信心。那个赛季,他承担了我们的大部分点球。他十分冷静,并且是个很棒的罚球者。

Dida pushed the spot kick away but Xabi got him on the rebound. It was an incredibly skilful finish – to lift the ball up into the net with your left foot when their big six-footfive keeper is rushing out for the second save. We were lost in the noise and the huddle. It turned into a bundle of bodies. There were so many of us you almost couldn’t breathe. But we were so happy. 



We all met up a few hours later in the hotel bar for drinks. I was happy again. I was in the mood for a night out with my mates. The first beer was going down easily when Jordan Henderson stood up. Everyone was suddenly very quiet as Jordan spoke. It was a good speech. It wasn’t serious or heavy. It was just right. Jordan said the trip was to say thank you to me. He also said they had collected a series of messages from people who I had played with or against during my career. Jordan reached for an elegant leather-bound book. He said: ‘We hope you like it, Stevie …’ I could see how much effort had gone into it and I was blown away all over again. Each message had been copied out in beautifully crafted writing. 

几个小时后我们在酒店的酒吧里碰头喝一杯。我又高兴起来。处于那种跟伙伴们夜晚出去逛逛的情绪中。第一杯啤酒进行得很顺利,Jordan Henderson站了起来。当Jordan开始讲话时,每个人都突然变得很安静。他说得很不错。并不是很严肃或是太沉重。只是很适宜。Jordan说这次旅行是为了向我表达感谢。他还说他们从曾与我并肩战斗或兵戎相见的人们那儿为我收集了一堆留言。Jordan拿出了一本精美的皮革包边儿的书。他说“我们希望你会喜欢,Stevie……”我能看得出这投入了多少努力,我再一次被完全打动了。每一条留言都用优美的字体精心誊写了。

The first page was from Zinedine Zidane. It was amazing. I turned to others; and each one had written a personal message. The names and words blurred: Brendan Rodgers, Kenny Dalglish, Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Danny Murphy, Lucas, Philippe Coutinho, Roy Hodgson, Jordan Henderson, Fernando Torres, Luis Suárez, Xabi Alonso, Kolo Touré, Joe Allen, Raheem Sterling, Jordan Ibe, Martin Skrtel, Sami Hyypi., Ryan Babel, Mario Balotelli … 

第一页来自Zinedine Zidane。这真的令我大为惊异。我又翻开了其他几页;每一页都写了私人的留言。这些名字和留言都在眼前模糊起来:Brendan Rodgers,Kenny Dalglish,Robbie Fowler,Steve McManaman,Danny Murphy,Lucas, Philippe Coutinho,Roy Hodgson,Jordan Henderson,Fernando Torres,Luis Suárez,Xabi Alonso,Kolo Touré,Joe Allen,Raheem Sterling,Jordan Ibe,Martin Skrtel,Sami Hyypi.,Ryan Babel,Mario Balotelli……


Xabi Alonso would always be in my dream team. He is one of my four favourite football players.

Xabi Alonso将会永远是我梦之队的一员。他是我最爱的四名球员之一。


[总之,cheeky! Lame!]



[谁再讨论阿隆索这种人是怎么被吹成世界级后腰的,就给一个名字:Steven George Gerrard。]

[好想把old favorites翻译成旧爱啊,并没有什么不对。]




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